Coming back to this blog now that I’m in graduate school for school and personal purposes. I’m leaving all of my 5+ year old content up – odd syntax, weird [non] capitalization, and all – because that content was from a deeply instructive part of my life, and I never want to forget the feeling and shape of what my brain was experiencing and creating in those moments. My brain and heart were challenged irrevocably. I hope I am embarking on another iteration of that deep connection with life now that I am back in school.

While I traveled abroad in Denmark in 2010, I wrote every day, and I [tried] to continue that habit when I returned to Boston, and then I let it go. I think I shifted my communicative energy to Facebook, and now there’s twitter too, but those are different beasts, not great places to “work out your ideas in real time”, for the public nature and accessibility of posts are so prone to “well actually” and “but what about” statements. And its not that that is necessarily bad, but I think it is important to have a place to still write publicly that is more of a laboratory where you’re able to play around with ideas without having to back up everything you say with “this is my deep seated and strongly held belief!”

Long story short, let’s see if my writing “restart” lasts.


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